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BusyBee is a service directory dedicated to matching authors with the service providers they are looking for to help them accomplish the many tasks that come along with writing, publishing and selling a book!

We are building the premier author services marketplace and invite you to be a part of it!


Your membership includes:

1 year membership in the directory
Strategic marketing to authors
Additional training offers to help grow your business
Monthly Q&A sessions on all things publishing
Networking opportunities
... and much more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you moving from a free service to a paid service?

Great question. As all of you know as small business owners, there are a lot of expenses that go along with running anything of this nature - from web hosting fees to marketing... and a lot of time invested in the process. We want to be able to grow this resource and serve both the authors and the service providers who use it. And that's not free. Rather than charging you a referral fee when you get a client, we decided to make it easier on everyone and just have a flat fee that will help us do all of the things listed above.

Am I still expected to pay a referral fee when I get an author through this directory?

Nope! Your payment is in full for a one year listing. You also get all the other benefits we've described - a monthly networking / Q&A session to help you grow and assist your authors, the access to earn money as an affiliate, and other training opportunities.

Why is the fee set up as a subscription? Can I cancel my subscription?

It's set up as a subscription so that we don't have to track the anniversary dates and deal with renewals each year. That would be a lot for us to try to handle. And yes, you can absolutely cancel at any time. Our recommendation is to make a calendar task for yourself about a month out from your annual renewal. If you haven't earned anything or don't want to continue, you should be able to cancel it on your own. But if you have any issues, just reach out and ask us to cancel for you. Please note: you must cancel before it renews, so PLEASE set that reminder!

How will you market this site?

We'll be running webinars, sponsoring author events, hosting events, and running other ads. Marketing through our email lists to our communities, and more.

How will a potential client get in touch with me?

Clients can reach out to you via the form found at the bottom of your profile on BusyBee. Once they have filled out the form, we receive the submission, check it isn't spam and then forward it directly to your email. From there, you can reach out to the potential client yourself.

What if I need to decline a request?

That is not a problem at all! Just reply to the request and say you are not available. You don't need to give specific reasons. That being said, please let us know so we can recommend the client another assistant.

What is on the roadmap to improve the site?

Lots of things! We will have a much better UI for both the assistants and the clients. We will also implement a 'portal' for assistants, where you will be able to manage your clients, etc. Stay tuned: we have big plans for BB!

How do I know the prospects are trustworthy people?

When someone reaches out to you via the form on your profile, we receive the submission first. We then check it and if it is 'legit', we forward it to you. We will do our absolute best to make sure you only receive relevant requests. If you are not happy with a specific request, feel free to decline it (see question above).

Can I work with multiple clients at once?

Yes, of course! It's totally up to you and your schedule.

How do I make changes to my profile?

We are in the process of implementing a 'portal' system you can access to make changes (or additions) to your profile. We're not there yet, so in the meantime, just email us and we'll make all the changes for you.

Do you offer any training or resources for assistants?

We sure do! Alexa and her team bring years of experience to the table, and this knowledge will translate into monthly Q&A sessions for assistants, laser-focused training, and much more to help you get as many clients as possible and deliver the best services on the market. You are what makes Busy Bee the go-to resource for authors looking for assistants, so we want our service providers to be the best in the game!

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